A Nice Show – a pop-up exhibition by Nice’n Easy at &gallery in Miami

Nice’n Easy, a collaborative endeavor by artists Allison Matherly and Jeffrey Noble, presents new works in a pop-up exhibition at Miami’s &gallery. The exhibition, simply titled “A Nice Show” features paintings, sculpture and a site-specific installation referencing Miami, and exploring movement and reflection. The artists’subtropical vernacular is expressed via the incorporation of plants, depiction of […]

Jill Weisberg: She Comes First

Jill Weisberg’s site specific installation “She Comes First” at Butter Gallery in Miami explores visual distortion, the meaning of the original image and femininity. Using large format black and white reproductions of vintage adult magazines, Weisberg alters and appropriates photography by painting over the images to create bold fields of color that partially hide and […]

An Interview with Clara Varas

Your art blurs the lines between painting, sculpture and installation. What is the starting point for your works? I think for me, there is no particular reason to choose either painting or sculpture. I think for me, one dictates the other. It usually has to do with whatever material I find or sometimes the work […]