Justin H. Long at IRL

With Float Soak Sink, IRL presents an exhibition of new works by Miami-based artist Justin H. Long. Known for his investigations into nautical history, research-based practice and interest in kinetic sculpture, Float Soak Sink is a multi-faceted body of work interrelated in its concern with three material states of being, problematizing their metaphysical, practical and philosophical considerations of endlessness.

In the nautical world, sinking, soaking and floating are the critical factors by which success and failure are determined. Yet, the materiality of them betrays these concepts, Styrofoam, a material that is intended to be disposable lasts for thousands of years, floats. As in the writing of contemporary French theorist Didier Maleuvre, “The Horizon, a History of our Infinite Longing” (2011), the horizon line speaks to the endless drive of man, the edge of the unknown as this always unattainable siren call. This limitlessness, both an eternal force in human existence and an existential conundrum, do not cease to compel and doom those who seek it.